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Yoga Links


Urban Yoga - From Laugh or Die

Rob and Big take a yoga class - Hee-Hee

Guan Yin - China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe presents a beautiful performance of the Thousand-Hand Guan Yin

Elvis Jams - This has nothing to do with yoga but seems to exist on the same world as YogaDawg..

YogaDawg Exist! - The YogaDawg video that premiered at the Yoga Journal Conference in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. YogaDawg enters the gates of Yogic Rome!

Brother Theodore - Old stuff from Letterman (don't let Dave's hair scare you) that reminds me of a lot of some yoga starz.

Yoga Subprime - Edward Clark's funny new video. From the creator of Kill the Guru and Tripsichore Yoga.

Yoga Hug - David Yeah-DaveRonanelli shows how it's done..

Brian Regan - Yoga is way less doable than you would think.

Cory Kahaney - A little bit about Yoga.

YogaDawg Jazz - Thrill to the trailer.

Yoga Thugs - Yo!!!

Paris does Yoga - Really stupid, but hey, this is Paris.

Who is YogaDawg? - Everything you wanted to know.

Graham Norton Learns about Yoga - It doesn't get funnier then this!!

Jimmy Kimmel sends his staff to Yoga - This has got to be the funniest Yoga comedy bit out there.

What Really Happened in India with the Beatles - Great parody of the Fab Four and Maharishi.

Heidi Klum Meditates - "Try to get you Soul out of your body and up into the air"...Oookaaay....

Yoga Rage - From Comedy Central.


Yoga Links

Yoga Links



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