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The Yoga Book of the Dead - Skeletal yoga asanas from Heavy Metal Yogi

Karma Offset - An idea whose time has come from I Heard Tell

Don't F* with my Yoga - From Elephant Ezine.

Edward Clark on Yoga Humor - From the creator of Kill the Guru and Tripsichore Yoga.

Wait, Yoga Pants Aren’t Business Casual? - Damn, just when I thought loud yoga breathing in business meeting was okay....

I Love Lululemon - Not! From Smell the Glove.

Yoga Cat Fight!!! - $12,000 breast-lift surgery and everything...From the great investigative yoga reporters at YogaDork

Yoga is too serious - Ya' think?

Beer Bottle Buddhists - Great temple. I think YogaDawg drank some of those.

The Well of Chand Baori - Amazing.

My Mat is Hatching - A Halloween story. Hide the children :) From the Life in a Pose blog.

45-year-old man performs yoga while floating in water - Glub, glub...

Amazing set of Yoga Collages - These are incredible and they contain all our favorite Yoga Stars.

Why I hate Yoga Mats!!!!!!!! - Get the feeling there is a trend here?. From My Caravan of Dreams.

The Best Yoga Line Ever - "And Iyengar school (which uses props) looks like a Santa Monica sex shop." - Bikram Choudhury

Tibetan Book of the Dead - Explained in a cartoon.

What's Old is New Again - Great Yoga photos from a nightclub in the 1940s. And no, that is not Chistopher from the Sopranos sitting at the table.

How to Look, Sound and Act Just Like A Real Live Yogi - Just what we all suspected..:)

Outsourcing Yoga Teachers to India - Ad campaign.

Salvador Dali Yoga - Who knew?

I give you finger, G.I. Joe - Graffiti at it funniest!

Why I Hate Partner Yoga - You are not alone. Great article from Salon.


Yoga Links

Yoga Links


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