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Words of Caution Before Reading My Third Eye Itches


The wise man has no need to journey forth; it is the fool who seeks the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end. But the two are always fated to meet and unite. They meet at the heart of the world, which is the beginning and the end of the path. They meet in realization and unite in transcendence of their roles.

Henry Miller, Colossus of Maroussi



Please be aware that viewing the contents of My Third Eye Itches: A Yoga Guide has caused numerous strange reactions in yogis. It has been known to cause spontaneous smiles, convulsive laughter, hysterical giggling, and a sudden gasping for breath. In rare cases (less then 0.589% of the yoga population), viewing this yoga guide may cause side effects such as anxiety, nose bleeds, heightened blood pressure, dry mouth, constipation, symptoms of temporal lobe epilepsy, unexplained weeping, and oily discharge. These symptoms appear in cases where yogis take themselves and/or their yoga too seriously.

Though viewed as controversial by such mainstream organizations as The Organization for True Yoga, the Center for Yoga Seriousness, and the Yoga Alliance Against the Defamation of Yoga, others have found the guide a welcomed rest in a jaded yoga world.

Added Note of Caution: Please be advised that the yoga knowledge contained in My Third Eye Itches: A Yoga Guide is incredibly powerful. Though there have been reported incidents of miracle psychotropic cures, claims of rapture, as well as feelings of transcendence and out of body experiences while perusing this yoga guide, be advised that if you happen to blow your mind in the process of absorbing any or all of the yoga truths contained in this yoga guide, YogaDawg assumes no liabilities or responsibilities for the resulting blown mental state.

Introduction to My Third Eye Itches







Sri Sri Swami Baba Guru YogaDawg


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I’ve been parusing this site for the past hour giggling like its my first time rolling on my back in Gaba Pindasana. - Sati-Blog


Your site is a gem. Looks in the lighter and funny side of yoga for people who think its all so yawn boring! - Danura


Your site is like a yoga tonic with a welcome twist of humor. Yippeeee! - Jill Miller


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