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The Buddha Meets the Yoga Teacher

Hi everyone.  My name is Ana and I am going to be your Yoga teacher today.





<She ain't so hot>

Would everyone tell me your name and if you have any injuries.

Hi, I'm Buddha and I'm new at this Yoga stuff.  I'm kind of stiff because I've been sitting under a Banyan tree for a few thousand years.

Wow, that a long time, but we will do some warm up poses to help you loosen up.

We'll do a few Cat/Cows to begin.  You should do fine. This is what it looks like.


<Holy Cow!>



Hi Ana, I'm Patanjali. I don't have any injuries.

Hi Ana, I'm Cubist Sculpture and I'm kind of stiff from standing around the Art museum for the last hundred year.  Can we see that  Cat/Cow again?


Don't worry Cubist Sculpture, we'll get back to that soon enough.


Hi, I'm shakti. I don't have any injuries.

Okay class, it's nice to meet everyone so let's get started.




Next Episode - Buddha Chants Om


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