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Yoga Teachers


The Philosopher  

The Philosopher can’t stop talking. He begins class by selecting a topic to speak about. This slowly evolves into (but not limited to) other areas, such as anatomy, diet, health care, politics, military theory, ecology, constitutional law, taxidermy, mutual funds, the fine art of buying real estate, and even outer space. He babbles, prattles, and yammers endlessly. The Philosopher eventually burns himself out from talking at some point. With any luck, this happens within the first half of class. Only then will he perhaps lead you through a series of poses.

TIP : Under no circumstances are you to ask questions. This only gets him started talking again. If you happen to do so, you will not only be bored silly for the rest of the class, but will also invoke the ire of your fellow students


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Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher





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