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The Enlightened One  

This teacher is potentially the most fun because nothing is expected of you—not even poses. She sits on her mat while you sit on yours and calmly smiles at you. Listen for a faint “ahhh” from the Enlightened One as she makes eye contact with you. Once all students in the class have been acknowledged in this manner, the Enlightened One gently closes her eyes and invites you to do the same. Upon doing so, the Enlightened One releases a gentle “ah-haaa” or two, some slight laughter, or even a bit of snoring. If you are at a loss of what to do at this point, try to relax into it, as you will be this way for most of the class.

If the Enlightened One does instruct you to do a pose, it will be a variant of the “movement” type. This is not so much yoga, but is simply an attempt to get the blood circulating in your legs before they fall asleep or you begin nodding off. In any event, rest assured that this teacher is in a heightened state of awareness while you are sneaking peaks at your watch wondering when the heck the class will be over or the teacher will wake from her enlightenment.

TIP: Be forewarned that you need to stay alert to know when the class is over. Listen carefully for the word “namaste.” That is the cue to open your eyes and leave.

Bonus TIP: This is always a good class to catch some zzzzzzs.



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Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher





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