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Yoga Teachers


The High Tech  

Otherwise known as the Tinkerer, the High Tech teacher is recognizable by the headphones she wears as she enters class. The High Tech teacher endlessly adjusts her iPod or laptop that is providing the music during class. She is a whirl of kinetic energy, constantly moving between her mat and her gadgets. She occasionally slips into deep concentration, pondering one or several of her devices in the same way another teacher might ponder a yoga pose. She periodically forgets that she is teaching a class and that any students are there.

Be prepared to hold poses for a very long time while the High Tech starts to text message someone and forgets you are there. You’ll know she has forgotten you if you start to cramp up. It’s okay to drop into Child’s Pose at that point or even leave class. The High Tech has most likely forgotten where she is and will only remember if she turns off and packs up all her gadgets.


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Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher





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