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Yoga Schools and Styles


The Hippies

The Hippie school of Yoga harkens back to a more simple time. In this style, you will see students sitting on animal skins, instead of Yoga mats. They will appear somewhat primitive, wordless and will exhibit spaced out behavior. Even though there is a peaceful quality to them, you will nevertheless find them thrashing on their pelts, beating their chests and howling at the moon once the actual practice begins. At some point, from the crown of their skulls you might see a serpent peering out at you. The teacher might be wearing a turban or maybe a Fez. On occasion, you will see a Yogi wearing a head band with peace symbols on it. They might also be wearing Turkish garb and occasionally speak in transcended rapture while repeating the mantra, "Groovy," or "I was at Woodstock." If you happen to wander into certain Hippie studios, you may find the teacher wearing hot pants and a halter top. The Hippie school is trying to modernize their image.

Upon entering the studio, you might be offered mushrooms or cactus tea. Incense will be burning that might smell like some nasty weed. Eventually, during the class, you may feel your body disintegrating, being launched into space or possibly melting into a waxy pool. Or you might find a serpent crawling around in your spine and peering out the top of your head just like some of the other students you see. It might be desirable, if that happens, to consider getting yourself a turban or a Fez.

The Hippie school of Yoga will make much use of the "The Great Head Manual." In it will be found revelations and quotes from such Yoga luminaries as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Electric Flag, and Guru Leary.

TIP: If you are prone to flashbacks, avoid this school of Yoga. Otherwise it's a trip.

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