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Yoga Schools and Styles



The first thing you should know as a yoga student is that there are many schools or styles of yoga. As the world becomes yogafied, new schools are being established at a terrific pace. Unfortunately, they all seem to have funny sounding names and are mired in philosophical hooey, hokum, hogwash, hype, and hocus-pocus that will have you scratching your head in confusion. Being a true red, white, and blue, gosh darn American yoga star, YogaDawg will now dispense with all that nonsense and break down these styles of yoga into more understandable terms. This manual will guide you through many of the major yoga styles, explaining the methods and nomenclature of each, so that you will know what you’re in for and what to expect as you stumble upon them in your quest to become a true yogi.

Instead of bogging you down by using the actual names of the yoga styles that are popular in America today, YogaDawg will instead explain these styles in a way we can all understand—the high school clique. Using this method, you will instinctively be able to identify each style and understand the inner workings of these schools. Thanks to YogaDawg, picking your style of yoga will be easy.


The Nerds

The Jocks

The Emos

The Crombies

The Hippies

The Zombies



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I think your humor totally rips into the consumerism that is surrounding yoga right now and you "get" at a lot of ideas we've expressed here about this stuff. I think you are absolutely SKEWERING what parts of yoga that are getting so off track from its real message.- Suzanne LaForest


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