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Exclaims for YogaDawg by Yoga Studio Owners

Yoga Studios

It is important to your Yoga education that you have the ability to recognize not only the styles of Yoga but the kinds of studios that they are taught in. This will help you make wise decisions and avoid undesirable environments to practice.

Be aware, that even though Yoga Studios are very open and welcoming places, there are, nonetheless, things that Yoga studios will and will not allow. It would be wise to study this list so as to prevent any misunderstandings or bad feelings (vibes, in Yoga speak) towards you as you begin your practice of Yoga.


Things a Yoga Studio will not allow:

Foregone conclusions

Non-edifying behavior

Nuclear proliferation

Being badgered to death

Binge drinking

Hissy fits

Magic realism

Walking the plank

Moving the goalposts

Flying off the handle

Mickey Finns

Channel surfing

Glass ceilings

Stool pigeons

Crocodile tears

One-hit wonders

Jaws of death

Technicolor yawns

Teflon presidents

Flies in the ointment

The third degree

Raising Cain

and Urban myths


Things a Yoga Studio will allow:

The blind leading the blind

Tongue in cheek

Turning a blind eye

Fashion victims

The Filthy rich

The crack of dawn

Preaching to the choir

Talking through one's hat

Pie in the sky

Turning the tables

Pipe dreams

Charm offensives

High fives

Bad hair days

Climbing onto the bandwagon/ being on the wagon

Cock and bull stories

Cold feet/cold shoulders/cold turkey

Shots in the dark

White elephants

Minding your p's and q's


Hairy eyeballs

Weasel words/ wysiwyg (What you see is what you get)


Shallow promises

Bated breath

Shit for brains

Bats in the belfry

Baby boomers

Suspension of belief

Back to basics/square one/the drawing board

Shilly-shally and willy-nilly

Smoke and mirrors


So now that you have a pretty good idea of what will be tolerated and what will not in a Yoga studio, My Third Eye Itches will now present you with a breakdown of studio designs and types that you are likely to run into in your Yoga education:


Read about the Yoga Studio Types here



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