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The Jewel of Consciousness Section


The AyurvedicKarmaYoga Bangle

Not only beautiful to look at, this also nullifies the unpleasant effects of past wrong actions and bad karma. Crafted by the famous bangle makers of Bengal, these bangles are sure to compliment any cool new yoga outfit.


The AstrologicalYoga Pendent

Beautifully handcrafted, when worn correctly this pendent improves your psychological tendencies, physical health, business affairs, and relationships, while minimizing the impact of a wide range of negative conditions and situations.


The ChakraYoga Gems

No effort is required to receive this gem's power to counteract a weakened receptivity to planetary energies. Our electrical body via the chakras is stimulated or starved by our karmic disposition to planetary radiations, and we need sufficient amounts of planetary nutrition to function well. The ChakraYoga Gems emanate a similar harmonic frequency to the planets that can fulfill the mind and body's subtle electrical requirements, allowing the wearer to function like a truly enlightened yogi. Available in seven exciting chakra colors.


The UtteringOm Bracelet

This bracelet will fill you with harmony, peace, and bliss by murmuring an Om every time you move your arm. A lifesaver in yoga class when you are simply too tired to chant Om.


The ShaktiYoga Forehead Thingy

Crafted by a group of 50 local artisans and their families on the west coast of Paradise, this beautifully designed ShaktiYoga Forehead Thing will make you feel like a real yogi when you wear one to yoga class or while shopping at the GreatTranscendentalYoga SuperStore. These are completely dishwasher safe and are endorsed by many of today's leading yoga stars.


The CrownChakra Crown

Designed by a master artisan who studied ritual magic, energy and healing, alchemy, light bodies, and the teachings of the Siddha masters, this crown can be worn during meditation or any other time that you need to be freed from the grip of illusion.


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