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Life is a Game Section


The YogicHug Video Game

Pits yoga teachers from different schools of yoga against each other as they attempt to out-pose instructors from other schools. You enter as a 200-hr-level certified teacher, and with each level, you advance to the next stage of teacher training. Bonus levels allow you to progress to Yoga Guru, Yoga Star, and even God.


The YogaEnlightenment Video Game

A cross between the ancient yogic art of spiritual discipline and the more modern art of online gaming, watch the Higher Self rack up high scores while ascending to the next level of consciousness in this transcendentally exciting contest between yogis of different schools and styles. With many real-life obstacles to throw off your yoga practice, this game guarantees hours of absorbing play.


The Rockum/Sockum Yogis Action Game

A great game for younger children to observe two yogi players doing Sun Salutations, watch them giggle with glee as the yogis start to wobble and bobble from exhaustion. The yogi who hasn’t fallen to the yoga mat is the winner in this interactive yoga action game.


The AncientYogi Action and BobbleHead Collection

We have them all here folks. With the largest selection of action heroes and bobble heads depicting famous yoga stars and ancient adapts, these figurines offer the finest selection for collecting and sharing with other yoga students and teachers. Be sure to bring one to set up in front of your mat for inspiration during your next yoga session. Look for our forthcoming exclusive collection of major saints and gods of all the world’s religions.

Bonus Purchase: Be sure to buy the action hero altar to display your collection safely, with dignity and respect.


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