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The PranicYoga Binoculars

Truly a breakthrough product for your yoga explorations, though shaped like ordinary binoculars, this unique tool allows you to see the Clear Light of Truth when peering into one end and a glimpse of your inner being while looking through the other end. Especially helpful in spotting karmic bumps in the road.

Note of Caution: When using PranicYoga Binoculars, be aware that distant karmic objects are always closer then they appear.


The CrownChakraYoga Camera

This special multifunctional camera takes pictures of your soul, exposing your wants, desires, shortcomings, aspirations, and phony-baloney levels. Can also be used on your next vacation to record dear memories of dying oceans, environmentally stressed beach resorts, and evil incarnations of spirits masquerading as drunken college students.


The Light On/Light Off Yoga Lighter

A fave new addition to the GreatTranscendentalYoga Superstore, this lighter is shaped to resemble famous yoga stars glowing with inner light while standing in Tadasana. Perfect for lighting incense and candles at home or at your favorite yoga studio.



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