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Electric VedicLand Section


The VedicYoga Calculator

Plot your time to enlightenment by sporting this handy, extended flash, plug-in memory module that tracks the amount of money you have spent in the pursuit of enlightenment. It subtracts the cost of yoga classes, yoga clothes, yoga trips, and yoga workshops while showing you the exact year, month, day, hour, and second to enlightenment on its nifty backlit plasma screen. May also be used to track your karmic debt.


The YogaSanskrit Hand-held Translator

This cool device will assist you during those vexing times in yoga class when the teacher slips into Sanskrit babble and you don’t have a clue what she is saying. The YogaSanskrit Hand-held Translator translates Sanskrit to English, and Sanskrit to Dude/Dudette. A must-have for all aspiring yoga students.


The CosmicYoga Light Bulb

A fabulous recreation of the ordinary light bulb, the CosmicYoga light bulb might, at first glance, seem like an ordinary light bulb. However, once twisted into your favorite lamp, it shines with the light of inner contentment, piercing the darkness of your shallow and trite life and pointing brightly to the path of eternal bliss. Perfect for those dark, winter months.


The MeditationYoga Clock

The MeditationYoga clock does nothing. It sits there and just is. With the perennial message, “Be here now,” the clock gently reminds you of what you are supposed to be doing during your meditation session instead of allowing you to simply think about how long you have been sitting there. As the MeditationYoga Clock has no moving parts, it is guaranteed for several lifetimes.


The ThermoChakra Thermometer

This innovative device allows you to check out your chakras to see what state they are in. Coupled with the handy Chakra Healing Guide, you can now balance your own chakras, saving your time and money that you previously paid to the local yoga studio. The ThermoChakra thermometer is available in mouth, underarm, and rectal versions.



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