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Yoga Contest


Name that Yoga Star


Which item belongs to which Yoga Star? Jot your answers down and send to

Winners* will receive one of these three prizes:


A Yoga Book

A free Yoga class in a studio of your choice

My Third Eye Itches eBook


Details here

(Sorry, this contest is closed to Tom Cruise)



1. Whose eyebrows are these?


2. Whose hair is this?


3. Whose head is under this bandana?



4. Whose forehead is this?


5. Who's in these hotpants (woof-woof)?


6. Who wears a Rolex in a Yoga class?



Contest ends May 15, 2008.

*Send in your entry whether you know all the answers or not. Prizes will be awarded to those three entries with the most correct answers. In the event of a tie, prizes will be awarded at random.



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