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The Bumblebee  

Background – Guru YogaDawg discovered this pose written on a banana leaf manuscript in the basement of the Baltimore Public Library. Subsequently, it was devoured by rats that prowl the stacks down there. If you’re wondering how such an ancient text came to be found in the Baltimore Public Library, the old merchants of Baltimore City must have brought it back from India or maybe even some pirates.

Pose – Sit on the floor with one leg straight and the other one folded. Take time to breathe fully three times. On the next inhalation, flap your arms rapidly like a bumblebee. Breathe. Continue to do this until your arms ache or you lift off the ground (see Yoga Lifts Off).


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Yoga Poses



I I laughed so hard I cried at your site! I'd love to see you publish a humor book about yoga. - My Space

Thanks for the laughs! - Keene

Love your site, and its message. It's hilarious! - Masala Yoga



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