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Now that you have learned all about yoga styles, studios, teachers, students, and Yogatude, it is time to dive into the nitty-gritty of this yoga stuff—the yoga pose. Though some authorities on yoga claim that they have identified 184,112,873 yoga poses, we will safely discard all of them. YogaDawg has reduced that ridiculous number of poses (and their funny Sanskrit names) to a more manageable 12. YogaDawg has packaged these 12 poses in an easy-to-learn, patented, copyrighted, and litigation-loaded sequence that is sure to get you on your way to becoming a great yogi in no time at all.

This series of unique poses, called The SuperDuperBlissInducer Super Bok Choy Method ®, was discovered by YogaDawg and hand-developed for the unique American yoga market by Guru YogaDawg himself, along with his famous two disciples, MadDawg and HotDawg (formerly Born and Maiden America). This diligent study of yoga has bestowed a beautiful sequence of poses that provides maximum results with minimal effort and, most importantly of all, no sweating. This has been achieved by performing the sequence of poses in specially chilled yoga studios that resemble meat lockers. (If you happen to find yourself in a room surrounded by slabs of beef, don't be concerned. It is just a temporary arrangement with a local butcher shop and the yoga studio while the studio space is being serviced.)

We will now examine the poses in detail. Special thanks go out to YogaDawg’s next-door neighbor Fred for the excellent demonstrations of the poses.


The Blissed Out Sloth

The Demented Pigeon

The Flipped Bird

The Bumblebee

The Stooped Dawg

The Brahma Bull

The Britney

The Dazed Jackass

The Mosquito

The Tom

The Hen Pecked


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I've never laughed so hard in my life: YogaDawg. Check out, in particular, the Styles + Dangers. They absolutely nail it. - Alosaurus





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