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So you want to be a Yogi. Well, you’re in luck, as YogaDawg will enlighten you in all ways yoga. In no time at all, you will become one of those mat-packing yogis you see wearing tight and trendy yoga clothes. You, too, will soon be floating blissfully between your SUV and yoga class.

YogaDawg knows how inspired you are to start your yoga practice, especially after you have leafed through the latest issue of a celebrity magazine while waiting in line at the checkout counter in the supermarket. Seeing those pictures of your favorite movie or rock star in those fabulous yoga poses with their toothy smiles almost made you cry with envy. How great it will be, you think, to become a yogi just like those you see in the ads in EternallyBlissfulYoga Super Magazine. Not only will you get to wear groovy yoga clothes and have a groovy yoga mat. You’re also looking forward to buying all those trendy yoga cosmetics, expensive jewelry, and cool yoga paraphernalia you see in that magazine and the yoga infomercials as seen on TV. YogaDawg knows that you can hardly wait to start.

With your desire to become a yogi, the assistance of this yoga guide, and an optional $24.95 CD-ROM, Dawging your way through the YogaHood, you will be well on your way to realizing your dream of becoming a real yogi. You will find yourself walking with your head held high as you carry your copy of My Third Eye Itches: A Yoga Guide, and wear your cool new yoga clothes and matching pastel colored yoga mat past that gaggle of yoga moms and their yoga kids. You will feel proud knowing that you now have what it takes to be a real-live, honest-to-God yogi. You will be confident that you know what they know and even more so because you are being taught by the great yoga guru YogaDawg. You will stand tall as you wait in line with your arms laden with great yoga stuff and hurry through the checkout line at the GreatTranscendentalYoga Superstore. Best of all, you will become amused at the looks on the faces of your family when you begin to say things like, "In the Sage Marichy B, my inner spiral extends from the psoas to either side of my rectus abdominus."

As you begin your yoga journey, you will start to notice a yogic smile on your face, which will begin to open doors for you. As you confront difficult people--your boss, your maid, even the mugger on the way to the yoga studio--you will instantly disarm them in their non-yogic ways. Though they may be convinced that the smile on your face is there simply because you are nuts due to your indulgence in this new yoga lifestyle of yours, this will be of no consequence to you, as you are confident that you are a true yogi.

YogaDawg bets you can hardly wait to start and knows that yoga will seem quite daunting to you at first, as you will have many questions and doubts when you begin. You wonder where and how you will start, what you should buy as you begin your yogic journey. Don't despair. YogaDawg is about to reveal all that you will need to start your yoga practice.

My Third Eye Itches: A Yoga Guide will introduce you to the concepts of yoga, cut through the jargon, and even explain the occasional Sanskrit words that you will hear in your yoga classes. YogaDawg will dispel any confusion over what studios and teachers to choose, what to expect from your fellow students, and will even give some possible answers to the Great Yogic Question--what the teacher is really doing as your eyes are closed during Corpse Pose (Savasana). You will find all these answers and more in this yoga guide. Not only will you be guided through the yoga landscape as a student, but you will also be presented with more advanced knowledge that will cover everything from yoga schools and styles, yoga teachers, yoga studios, and yoga blogs to yoga poses, yoga fashion, yoga shopping, and the all important Yogatude. In addition, YogaDawg will explain in depth how a yoga star is made and will provide guidance on how to ultimately become one yourself. You will gain this abundance of knowledge without even having to attend a single yoga workshop or conference. YogaDawg is here to make being a yogi easy and fun. Let’s begin.

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Sri Sri Swami Baba Guru YogaDawg


I’ve been parusing this site for the past hour giggling like its my first time rolling on my back in Gaba Pindasana. - Sati-Blog


Your site is a gem. Looks in the lighter and funny side of yoga for people who think its all so yawn boring! - Danura


Your site is like a yoga tonic with a welcome twist of humor. Yippeeee! - Jill Miller


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