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YogaDawg Exclusive


YogaDawg gets the nod from Yoga Journal

Dear gentle yoga humor readers:

With the mention of the YogaDawg blog in the August 2009 issue of Yoga Journal, many of you yogis have come to this site in search of yoga snark and satire. YogaDawg welcomes you in the full embrace of yoga humor. This is the place to get your yoga laugh groove on while giving you a rest from the jaded seriousness of mainstream yoga world. Snuggle up with your favorite computer while doing yoga poses and become free as you discover the side-splitting yoga hilarity contained within.

Here is how the YogaDawg site would be described if Yoga Journal wrote a feature about it (ummm, ahh, clear throat, cough; it was written by a Yoga Journal writer):

My Third Eye Itches is a satirical, illustrated reference guide to yoga. Written in the voice of a fictional guru, Sri Sri Swami Baba Guru YogaDawg, it challenges the 15.8 million Americans who practice yoga to find the humor in an ancient Indian philosophy turned $5.7 billion industry. While My Third Eye Itches is designed for both the novice and experienced yogi, it is peppered with jokes that only serious yogis can fully appreciate.

In My Third Eye Itches, YogaDawg guides the reader through three progressive phases of yoga know-how. He begins with the basics, explaining yoga styles through the lens of high school cliques and neatly categorizing teachers and students into irreverent stereotypes. He then describes the ins and outs of starting a yoga studio, from selecting the appropriate “transitional” neighborhood locale to recruiting friends and family for manual labor in exchange for free yoga classes. Finally, YogaDawg reveals the innermost workings of the yoga industry, including yoga shopping, yoga news, yoga workshops, and the all-important Yogatude.

YogaDawg and his crass yoga advice was created shortly after stumbling into his first yoga class. Throughout his evolution as a yoga student, he maintained a yoga humor Web site that now draws innumerable unique visits per day from around the globe. has won the accolades of many prominent yogis, including author Anne Cushman, yoga performance artist Edward Clark, comedian Vanda Mikoloski, Nike yoga spokesperson Kimberly Fowler, and Kirtan master, David Newman (Durga Das). My Third Eye Itches is the culmination of YogaDawg’s in-demand brand of yoga humor and has been awarded the Cool Site of the Day award

Namaste and hoping you too find the humor in yoga,

Sri Sri Swami Baba Guru YogaDawg

Sorry I couldn't resist doing the cover....


YogaDawg Exclusive


Insane - ridiculously over the top - hysterical and wickedly in the face of others and outside the box of everything - just where I like to live this life. Thanks for everything on your site which I've only begun to review. I appreciate efforts that go way beyond.....  - Les Leventhal, Yogi

Shared the Olga video it with my yoga teacher friend who said: "seriously twisted....and I mean that in the best possible way!" - Kevin, Yogi

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am loving “My Third Eye Itches.” It’s great to come across another yoga writer with a sense of humor. My only regret is that I didn’t write it myself. - Anne Cushman, Author - Enlightenment for Idiots




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