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The YogaDawg List for 2010

Obamamania had faded; the public option is a bust while Wall Street profits are soaring. Bonuses are back for the fat cats and its business as usual for the rich, famous and well-connected. The Great Depression 2.0 fizzled to only a Great Recession 1.0 with 10% of the population losing their jobs last year.

It appears that the unemployed took up yoga to release the stress. Our prediction that yoga studios would close in droves during the hard times was proved wrong as it appeared the recession pulled new yoga hipsters from their PBR bar scenes into Kombucha intoxicated yoga studios. New studios have sprouted like tacky McMansions across the land as the practice and popularity of the yoga continued to grow.

This was the year of the yoga blogger with their relentless flailing amidst the shout-downs of increasing corporate branding and degradation of ‘true yoga’. To the surprise and amusement of some seasoned yoga bloggers, b-list yogis showed up to comment on their blogs and defended their life style against these snarky yoga malcontents.

So pull up a yoga mat, munch on some acai berries; get comfortable in 2010 as your mat may truly become your new OM as you lose everything this year and move into your parent’s basement.


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