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Praise for the YogaDawg Sadhu Collection

Men's Yoga Fashion

For men, the fashion choice for Yoga might seem a bit daunting. An ordinary pair of shorts and a tee-shirt will suffice for your first few Yoga classes, but as you continue on your Yoga journey, you will want to dress in the latest Yoga clothes approved for Yoga by YogaDawg himself.


Note of Caution for Men: YogaDawg knows that you are attached to your favorite tee-shirts which you like to wear on special occasions; but these tee-shirts might appear a bit insensitive in your new Yoga environment. Consider leaving tee-shirts with the following slogans at home:

Have you bitch slapped an environmentalist today?

Don't Piss Me Off! I'm Running Out Of Places To Hide The Bodies.

Careful, I'm not wearing clean underwear!

Spank Me!

Don't be Sexist - Bitches Hate That o't Be Sexist - Bitches Hate t

Show me your tits!

So with that word of caution out of the way, let's explore the latest YogaDawg Collection of male Yoga clothing.


The YogaDawg Sadhu Fall Collection


Top to Bottom

Vedic Face Paint
Lotus Joy Premium Yoga Club
Mellow Yellow Chakra Yoga Shirt
Holy Moly Far Out Yoga Bead Set
Mellow Yellow Chakra Yoga Pants


Top to Bottom

Crown Chakra Turban
Vedic Face Paint
The Fall Colors Yoga Towel
The George Harrison Inspired Yoga Shirt 
The Fall Colors Yoga Pants
Staff of the Himalyas


The YogaDawg Sadhu Summer Collection


Top to Bottom

Golden Heart Crown
Silver Guru Delux Power Staff
The Amazing Yogi Bead Collection
Prana Star Braclet
Pure Free and Easy Loin Cloth

Top to Bottom

Yogic Beard Extensions
Vedic Brahman Precious Beads
Super Shakti Yogi Loin Cloth
Genuine True Aged Animal Skin Yoga Mat

Note: All of the above items can be found at the GreatTranscendentalYoga SuperStore.  Mention this web site and receive a 10% discount on all your Yoga purchases.



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The sharpest and most observant entries - Mahamondo

Bwhahahah, that is the greatest! Love the fashions. I need to get some of those yogic extensions. - v v1234

I love your blog and website. I’m so glad to find a site where we can laugh about ourselves. - Susan  

I checked out your site and got the laughs I needed today. Thanks!  Keep up the humor! - Yoga Hawaii




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