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My Third Eye Itches - The eBook

          You got the laughs, now get the eBook

A hilarious and satirical look at the neo-pop Yoga scene as practiced today by the cool, tight and trendy pimp-celebrity post-mod BoBo culture.

Yoga Book

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Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am loving “My Third Eye Itches.” It’s great to come across another yoga writer with a sense of humor. My only regret is that I didn’t write it myself. - Anne Cushman

....very funny!!....You are the Joel Mchale/Soup of yoga - Kimberly Fowler - YAS

Love your site - funny!!! - David Newman (Durga Das)

I love the concept. Very funny. - Rainbeau Mars

Brilliant. I wish YogaDawg had as many followers as Iyengar. - OmJoshuaOm

Your site is pretty wondering of course how I might fare when the dawg sets his sights on kirtan singers. - Dave Stringer

Satirizes the too-serious, too-hip yoga joints, like his skewering of the "hot yoga" school." - Gray Matter

I think your humor totally rips into the consumerism that is surrounding yoga right now and you "get" at a lot of ideas we've expressed here about this stuff. I think you are absolutely SKEWERING what parts of yoga that are getting so off track from its real message - Suzanne LaForest

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