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Born in 1910 and abandoned to a band of roaming exiled bohemian intellectuals, opium addicts, Victorian harlots and other sordid hanger-ons, YogaDawg began his yoga journey by hearing drunken, debouched debates on the great occult texts of the day. As a result of being immersed in these classics at an early age, along with the decadent literature and boogie-woogie of the time, YogaDawg became fascinated by the methods and practices of these occult people. These writers and musicians, with their out-of-body experiences, claimed to be able to transcend the physical body and draw closer to the absolute. In the mid-1920s, YogaDawg found a copy of the Kama Sutra that one of the flappers left behind one evening, which inspired YogaDawg to become a yogi. Then in the early 1930s, upon hearing about the great Jnana yogi Krishnamurti, YogaDawg set off for India to meet this most enlightened yogi. Unfortunately, at the time, not many Americans knew were India was, so YogaDawg ended up in Indiana as he was told that's where India was located.

Upon arriving in Indianapolis, YogaDawg inquired as to the whereabouts of Krishnamurti and the other yogis, but he was given blank looks and shakes of the head. Good fortune, however, would eventually shine on YogaDawg as he ran into a "carnie" who convinced him to join the circus. As YogaDawg explains, "That carnival barker told me of the wonders of the midway with their contortionists, magicians, fire eaters and others who were doing things more amazing then any yogi.” Through those years, YogaDawg acquired many of the skills and wisdom of his circus peeps, but he did not lose his desire to become a true yogi.

In 1947, after finally consulting a world atlas, YogaDawg went to India with the intention of studying with a real Indian yogi. It was around this time that he began to pen his pivotal work, My Third Eye itches:- A Yoga Guide. He eventually became distracted in 1950 by the discovery of one of the first American yoga stars of the time, Richard Hittleman. Having absorbed the truths of Indian yoga while spending the last few years in Mysore, YogaDawg decided to go to New York City, where Hittleman was located. He sadly abandoned his yoga guide for the next several years.

On reaching the shores of New York, YogaDawg became involved with a group of abstract expressionist painters, jazz musicians, and beatniks, eventually pioneering an early example of conceptual art. This period culminated in the work known as YogaDawg Howls. Unfortunately, this work was too avant-garde and strange for art critics and the American public at the time, and the piece was panned.

Sadly, by 1961, facing failure as an artist and never having met Mr. Hittleman, YogaDawg sunk into a deep morose, began doing drugs and alcohol, and had to eventually be committed to Bellevue Hospital for several years. YogaDawg began his slow recovery back to sanity after watching Lilias Folan do yoga in her PBS TV series Stretching with Lilias on a daily basis. He also met Born and Maiden America, who played a pivotal part in his later life.

In the late 1960s, renewed, refreshed, and inspired to restart his yoga practice, YogaDawg vowed to complete his famous tome, My third Eye Itches: A Yoga Guide, and traveled back to India, this time to join the Beatles and the famous guru star, Maharishi Mahesh yogi with his Transcendental Meditation (TM).

As fate would have it, YogaDawg never made it to Maharishi's ashram, for he had stopped to ask a wandering sadhu for directions to the ashram. This sadhu convinced YogaDawg that TM was whacked, just so much hooey, and suggested that YogaDawg spend time alone in a cave in the Himalayas to search within himself for the eternal yoga truth.

The next 30 or so years, considered the lost years by the two followers of YogaDawg, would find him in the cave. After reaching a state of enlightenment and perfecting a unique method of physical yoga, named the SuperDuperBlissInducer Super Bok Choy® method, YogaDawg was honored by the neighboring hermits and sadhus by being given the name Sri Sri Swami Baba Guru YogaDawg. On July 4th, 2003, YogaDawg emerged from his cave with the purpose of spreading his yoga method to the people of the world. Planning also to finish his now famous yoga textbook, My Third Eye Itches: A Yoga Guide, YogaDawg made off for Los Angeles at the suggestion of the wandering sadhus. Upon reaching LA, YogaDawg was stunned as he walked through the airport terminal and spied a celebrity magazine with a woman doing a yoga pose who went by the name Madonna. He was equally stunned to realize that many yogis before him had already established schools of yoga, some going by such exotic names as Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara, Bikram, Jivamukti, and countless others. In addition, he found that the yoga world had become saturated with yoga stars, which left little room to introduce his yoga method to the general public.

Disheartened that he would not be able to establish his own yoga school, he resigned himself to completing his famous masterpiece, My Third Eye Itches:- A Yoga Guide, while holed up in a flea bag, flop house in the skid row district of Portland, OR. Assisted by his two faithful disciples, MadDawg and his lovely wife HotDawg (formally Born and Maiden America), YogaDawg today leads a reclusive life living off his royalties from his book and t-shirt sales over the Guru YogaDawg blog.


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