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Country and Western Kirtan

Okay all you Country and Western yoga fans, here is the CD for you!. Never feel left out of your yoga shindig because your teacher plays creepy yoga music. Now you can hoe down in your down dog with this amazing new CD, Riding the Wild Kundalini.

Songs includes:

All My Exes Left Me For Yoga

Am I Double Parked By The Curbstone Of Your Om?

Cow Cow Kirtan

It Ain't Easy In Easy Pose Without You

Don't Believe My Heart Can Stand Another Headstand

I Don't Do Partner Yoga, Partner.

Drop Kick Me, Buddha, Through The Goalposts Of Life

You Ain't Yoga, But You Ain't Bad

Adjust Me With More Than Your Hands

I Don't Know Whether To Kill Myself Or Do Yoga

Would Patanjali Wear A Rolex On His Yoga Video?


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