YogaDawg Endorsed Yoga Studios



“We don’t practice in the heat, we pack it!”

Endorsed by the NRA.

Assthong Yoga

"The new American Ashtanga"

For Americans, by Americans because we are tired of going to India.



“…Hum..Yea..all right now…”

For the jazz crowd. This is where you sit on your mat and watch the teacher do the moves. You bob you head a bit, give a slight applause after the teacher completes an asana and you never, never sweat. YoZzz is too cool for that.

The District of Yoga

"Where you have right to remain silent".

For the Urban Yoga experience. Studios now open in city detention centers by YogaDawg studios and funded by your local city government.


“After I kick my own ass, I’ll kiss it and make up.”

Catering to the passive/aggressive Yogi.

Butt Ugly Yoga

"Yoga for the rest of us"

Because we don't look like the people in Yoga Journal.



First I talk about how I dress and this
And diamond Om necklaces – stretch black Yoga mat
The asana is just immaculate from the back I get
Deeper and deeper - help ya reach the
Trikanasna that your man can’t make
Call and tell him you’ll be home real late
Let’s sing the break

I fuckin’ kill the Buddha
I fuckin’ kill the Buddha
Everybody say hey
I fuckin’t kill the Buddha

Earls YoGuys Yoga Place

"We're not Yogis, we're YoGuys, just regular YoGuys"

The Yoga Studio of choice for male Yoga students who are concerned that Yoga is kinda' gay.


"Yoga, your way, a la carte"

This is the reaction to the ever escalating costs a Yoga class. Instead of paying for the whole class, the structure is to pay for only those poses you wish to do. The pricing structure is as follows:

75 cents – Sitting in silence or chanting Om.

50 cents – Any other pose.

$10.00 – Corpse pose (Savasana).

Screw Yoga

"When you tried all the rest, forgettaboutit "

Dog Yoga, Rock Yoga, Cow Yoga, Trance Yoga, Gun Yoga, Gum Yoga....When you have had enough all the yoga, SCREW YOGA!


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